HED Head Enlight District Barber & Store

Head Enlight District Barber & Concept Store provides premium hair and beard services plus a wide range of top quality grooming products for men. Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Head Enlight is a place for grooming, relaxation and self-pampering.

Our motto is: ‘Quality is never an accident, It is always a result of intelligent effort’ . Our services are professional, smooth and friendly. You come in, get a drink, lay back and indulge in a classy vintage decor, experienced hands, high-end organic products, carefully selected music. When you leave, you’re looking sharper and feeling lighter. Invest in yourself. Renew your energy. Come visit us!

Contact us 365 days a year.

[email protected]
020 221 8515


This place does is it all! From the moment you walk in you are home. You leave so relaxed with amazing memories and most importantly the best hair cuts and shaves I have ever experienced and being around the world to many trust me it's worth your time just pop in say hello and you won't want leave.


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